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What parents are saying…

“My son was skeptical about the meeting today but afterward said how good it was to meet others like him. He wants to come back every week!”


“My daughter is loving the zoom meetings. I’ve noticed her confidence growing since she’s been attending.”


“First session was amazing. My son was so excited after that he finally met other kids like him. He can’t wait for the next one. Amazing job to the moderators.”


“My daughter was on the Saturday call, and really enjoyed it… thank you so much for taking the time to encourage our kids and help boost self-confidence!”


“I strongly recommend parents of kids with LDs sign up their kids for this. My kiddo was a little hesitant to participate at first, but all of the kids were friendly and welcoming to her. The moderator was very inclusive and engaging with each one of the kids. It is important for our kids to have a safe and fun place to share their struggles with their peers. it helps them to meet other kids who are going through the same difficulties and this gives them a place where they can laugh about and discuss the daily battles that we, as their parents, just can’t understand. if you are on the fence with signing up your kiddo, please take a chance and do it.”


“My son is really enjoying the classes. He doesn’t get nearly enough social interaction right now, plus his confidence was really damaged in school and it’s nice to give him a chance to speak and be seen.”


“My son loved it. He said it was fantastic and the moderator was delightful and empathetic.”


“My child has loved getting together in this forum. I asked which time slot she wanted to sign up for this week and she said ‘all of them.'”


“Thank you for allowing me to ‘sit in’ on your group discussion this past Thursday evening. It was truly amazing to see over 30 kids tuning in (and I say this in all aspects of the word) to your group and maintaining attention for the entire time. Trust me, this is an unusual feat coming from a seasoned educator. Thank you for all you do.”
– Lori Josephson, M.A. Educational Consultant