Due to Covid-19, we're offering SuperDville to schools for FREE through the end of August to make it more accessible to those who need online instructional resources right now. A free school subscription can be used by up to 50 teachers and parents in your school.

Are your students needing extra support right now?
and the are designed to empower, engage, and excite 7-12 year olds! Starring LD kids, for LD kids: includes videos, lesson plans, and activities. The program prioritizes SEL, LD and diversity themes.
Who is SuperDville for?
  • Schools and Teachers, Teaching Online
  • School Counselors, Teaching Online
  • Parents
  • Anyone working with individual students or small groups of LD kids ages 7-12

What people are saying...

Psychologist Approved

“[SuperDville] goes beyond identifying challenges LD kids face, to supporting the development of traits that are considered essential for achievement and overall well-being of kids with LD.”

Melissa Orkin, Ph.D Developmental

Psychologist, Crafting Minds, LLC

Parent Approved

“SuperDville truly fills a void that parents like me are seeking for our kids with Learning Disabilities.”

Founding Parent, Decoding Dyslexia-TX

How do you use SuperDville?
  1.  Watch Super D! Show episodes with your student (5 mins)
  2. Discuss social and emotional learning themes (5-10 mins)
  3.  Have your student do activities (15 mins)
What does my subscription include?
Computer screen with play button

Super D! Show Episodes

12 episodes total that are appropriate for 7-12 year-olds

Student in video with text box

12 Activity Videos

A narrated activity per episode by the Super D! Show cast.

36 Additional Student Activities

Remaining three activities, included in each lesson plan.

Clipboard with a script written on it

Lesson Plans

A teacher-created and scripted lesson plan per episode.

Personal Login

Logins for up to 50 teachers and parents at your school.


Reach out to questions@SuperDville.com with any questions when using SuperDville in your classroom.

Watch a sample episode from the SuperDville curriculum

Watching: Never Give Up

How Do I Sign Up for My Free SuperDville Subscription?

Email questions@SuperDville.com so that our team can set you up. In your email, tell us if you'd like: a district subscription for multiple schools; a school subscription, for multiple adults in the same school; or an individual subscription that only you will use with your students. All are free until the end of August.