Purchase Your SuperD!ville Subscription

An Annual Subscription to SuperD!ville Includes:

Super D! Show Episodes

Four episodes each for 3rd, 4th and 5th grades, 12 episodes in total.

12 Activity Videos

There is one video activity per Super D! Show episode that is narrated by a cast member.

36 Additional Student Activities

The following three student activities are written out in the lesson plan form to reinforce key themes.

Lesson Plans

Written outlines explaining the social and emotional learning theme, objectives, discussion prompts, and student activities.

Access for up to 50 Classrooms

Separate access codes for all teachers (including resource room and school psychologists) in your school.


Reach out to questions@superdville.com with any questions that come up when using SuperD!ville in your classroom.


For parents, homeschool teachers, tutors, after school programs and libraries, contact us for special pricing.


For multiple subscriptions that can be used by all teachers, resource rooms, and school psychologists in the same school.

per year


For districts looking to use SuperD!ville in a number of schools, contact us for special pricing.