SuperDville Presents...
The SuperD! Show and W.U.N.D.R (Wacky, Underground, NeuroDivergent, Reporters)

A Guide to Using SuperDville’s Videos and Companion Curriculum

Learn about all that our episodes and companion curriculum have to offer; from hands-on activities, intro letters for parents, SEL booklists, motivational printables and more. Watch our seven-minute tutorial and you will be ready to use SuperDville in any classroom, library, after-school setting or at home.

Scope and Sequence

All of our episodes include the five core CASEL competencies. Our research team identified three additional competencies for children with LD (belonging, learning goals, and resilience). Read our Elementary School White Paper and read our Middle School White Paper to find out more.

Our episode sequencing is research-based, with consideration of the developmentally appropriate stages for introducing each SEL theme.

Themes are repeated in multiple episodes, as repetition is crucial to a young learner’s mastery of new concepts. The video storylines become more advanced but they allow students to practice some of the same SEL themes from grade to grade.

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