How Does SuperD!ville Work?

SuperD!ville includes video-based lessons to teach 7-12 year olds about social and emotional learning.

Each SuperD!ville Lesson Includes:

Super D! Show Episodes

Short PBS-style educational videos that star LD kids, and that address a wide variety of social and emotional learning themes such as self-advocacy, empathy and grit. 

Scripted Lesson

Outlining objectives, discussion questions and activity prompts.

Student Activity Video

Video prompts by the Super D! Show cast that tee up activities based on the video’s social and emotional learning themes.

Additional Student Activities

Additional student activities to reinforce key themes, so that each Super D! Show video may be watched numerous times throughout the school year.

Who Uses SuperD!ville?

School Leaders

Use SuperD!ville with 7-12 year-olds in general ed classrooms, the resource room, as after school activities, or in spaces where you provide one-to-one support and mentoring. Once your school purchases SuperD!ville, up to 50 teachers will have access and can begin to provide fun and impactful social and emotional learning support.


Use SuperD!ville in your classroom. Once your school purchases it, you and other teachers can access the age-appropriate episodes and activity prompts anytime.


Use SuperD!ville as a one-on-one tool with your students. Once you or your school purchases SuperD!ville, you can access the age-appropriate episodes and activity prompts anytime.

Parents and Homeschoolers

Use SuperD!ville to introduce your child to social and emotional learning themes and skills. Once you purchase the SuperD!ville package, you can access the episodes and activity prompts anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I subscribe to SuperD!ville if I’m not a teacher?

Yes! If you are a parent, tutor, after school activities leader, independent psychologist or run homeschool programs, contact us at to find the right subscription package for you.

How many lessons are there per-grade?

SuperD!ville is for children 7-12 years old who are typically in 3rd, 4th and 5th grades. There are 4 lessons for each grade and each lesson includes: a Super D! Show episode, 4 student activities, and a scripted lesson plan with learning objectives and discussion questions for teachers.

How many student activities come with each lesson?

Each Super D! Show episode comes with 4 student activities, so that teachers can show the video multiple times throughout the year, building on social and emotional learning themes over time.

When do you suggest using SuperD!ville lessons during the school year?

Choose a consistent time to share SuperD!ville. For example, a Monday morning or a Friday afternoon. Or, use it right after recess to help your students transition back into the academic content. There are multiple student activities that emerge from each Super D! Show episode so you can re-watch them, giving your students the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the social and emotional learning themes.

Are the Super D! Show episodes different for each grade?

Yes! Each grade has four unique, age-appropriate Super D! Show episodes. This way, students can engage with new social and emotional learning material each year.

How many teachers can use SuperD!ville with one subscription?

You’ll receive access for up to 50 classrooms (which includes individual counselors, school psychologists or resource room teachers).

What makes SuperD!Ville different from other SEL programs?

Check out the “What Makes SuperD!ville Unique” section of our website to learn more!

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