How SuperDville Works

Watch videos and complete activities with 7-13 year-olds to teach social and emotional learning.

SuperDville in 5 Minutes

Each SuperDville Lesson Includes:

SuperD! Show Episodes

Short, live-action video skits starring LD kids that address a wide variety of social and emotional learning themes.

Scripted Lesson

Created by teachers, each lesson includes: objectives, social and emotional learning themes, discussion questions and activity prompts.

Activity Video Prompts

Video prompts by the SuperD! Show and W.U.N.D.R cast that tee up activities and create a peer-to-peer mentoring experience.

Additional Student Activities

Reinforce key themes, so that each SuperD! Show or W.U.N.D.R video may be watched numerous times throughout the school year.


Using SuperDville is as Easy as 1-2-3

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Tune into The Super D! Show! In each session, students tune into an episode of our live-action video skit series starring a cast of kids with learning differences: The Super D! Show for elementary school kids, or W.U.N.D.R. for middle schoolers. We recommend teachers preview the episode first.

Try SuperDville out for FREE! We'll give you exclusive access to both an episode of The Super D! Show for elementary school kids, and W.U.N.D.R. for middle school kids. Plus, you’ll have full access to that episode’s discussion guide, and four hands-on activities with video intros from the cast. Click here to claim your free lessons.

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Chat about the episode with your class.

Get your students talking! Ask questions like, What was the video about? What was your favorite part? How did the SuperD kids solve their problem? Could you use the same strategies in your own life?

two boys back to back with arms crossed

Activity time! Every episode of The Super D! Show and W.U.N.D.R. come with four hands-on activities for your classroom based on that episode's themes — plus fun videos from The Super D! Show cast explaining how to do each activity. Activities can be completed as a class, in small groups, or one-on-one with a student and educator.

Click here to see a sample episode and activities!

Who Uses SuperDville?

School Leaders

Use SuperDville with 7-13 year-olds in general ed classrooms, the resource room, after school activities, or as one-to-one support.


Use SuperDville in your classroom to supplement academic content.

Psychologists & Tutors

Use SuperDville as a one-on-one or small group tool with your students. 


Use SuperDville for homeschool programs, or to supplement school work. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The SuperDville Audience

Is SuperDville only for kids with Learning Differences?

Is SuperDville only for Special Education classrooms?

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The SuperDville Curriculum

How many lessons are there per grade?

How often should we have a SuperDville lesson?

What happens before, during and after a SuperDville lesson?

How long does a SuperDville lesson take?

What activities are included in each episode?

What languages is SuperDville available in?

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