Our Story

1 in 5 kids has a learning difference. SuperDville encourages kids of all learning stripes to embrace their learning differences and life challenges with confidence while defying stigma and advocating for how they learn best.

Our Vision

After using SuperDville, kids in every classroom, after school-program, and other learning environments across the globe are empowered and confident because of, not in-spite of, their learning differences.

Our Philosophy

SuperDville embraces a “whole child” approach where each child, no matter how he or she learns, is respected, heard and provided the emotional and academic tools to develop strategies for success.

Our Promise to You

We promise to produce research-based content that highlights real kids and real life problems. Also, to encourage every student to embrace his or her own learning differences and life challenges with confidence.

Our Labor of Love

SuperDville is a mission-driven company, with a decade-long history. We are committed to empowering students of all learning stripes along with educators, parents, and others through social and emotional learning.

Our Team

Peggy Stern

Chief Visionary Officer

Diana Correa-Cintron

Chief Visionary Officer

Diana Baron-Moore

Educational Content Development and Production Associate

Elyssa Brand

Curriculum Development

Rebecca Brand

Curriculum Development

Clara Devine-Golub

Associate Producer


Site Developer

Glocalization Network

Translation Services

Patricia Nolan

Lead Strategic Advisor

Ashika Shah

Assistant to the Director/Producer/Acting Coach

Max Strebel

Director, Animator & Editor, Super D! Show

Megan Turner

Education Program Manager

Adrienne Vrettos

Writer and Marketing Consultant

Zahra Warner

Director of Cast Support

Jiaxin Ying


SuperDville Advisory Board

John Canemaker

Topher Collier, PsyD

Kristi Helgeson

Robert J. Landy, PhD

Deborah Lynam

Melissa Orkin, PhD

Henry Sinclair Sherrill

Marcus Soutra

Sylvia Stein

Tom Stern

Maryanne Wolf, PhD

Social Emotional Learning and Educational Advisory Board

Sherryl Browne-Graves, PhD

Christina Cipriano, PhD

Nancy Duggan, M.S.C

Annie Fox, M.Ed

Daren Graves, PhD

Michael Hart, PhD

Ileana Infante, M.S.

Samantha Jacobs, M.S., M.A.

Alex Jones, M.A., M.S.

Liane Matti, M.S. Ed.

Sarah Reda, M.S. Ed.

Gina Riley, PhD

Zachary Rothman-Hicks, M.S., M.F.A.

Sharon Saline, Psy.D.

Sarah V. Sumwalt, PhD

Lliana Villegas, M.S.

Student Advisory Board









Elementary School Cast

Jordan Berke

Tegan Castellucios

Andres Cintron

Jace Howhannesian

Dylan Joseph

Ari Kass-Amsterdam

Hudson Lewer

Charlie Faith Miller

Ayanna Perry

Kaia Seldman

Brooke Lyn Sicignano

Ellie Waye

Kieran “KJ” Smith

Middle School Cast

Adelae Avery Allen

Clover Joy Balon

Lia J. Brown

Hailey Chang

Cana Sparrow Landau Gahres

Dashiell Beckett Hall

Gerald Karikari

Darvin Lee

Naomi Grace Robinson-Pasher

Matthew S. Stanislawski

Matias N. Stone