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SuperD!ville is a video-based social and emotional learning tool designed to foster self-esteem, resilience, belonging, and empathy in 7-12 year olds, especially those with learning differences.
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SuperD!ville Empowers Kids

SuperD!ville, a research-based program, is on a mission to help 7-12 year olds succeed in school and life because of, not in spite of, their learning differences (LD). When our SEL content is implemented in general education classrooms, it has been proven to help all students:

  • Develop a strong self-esteem, resilience, belonging, empathy and other SEL skills
  • Identify strengths and challenges as learners
  • Acquire useful self-advocacy skills for school and beyond

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How to Use SuperD!ville in Your Classroom

Watch Super D! Show episodes with your students

The short PBS-style educational videos are designed to introduce students to social and emotional learning themes. Each video stars real life kids with learning differences like dyslexia and attentional issues, offering authentic experiences, insights and advice.

Discuss SEL themes with your class

Each Super D! Show episode fits into a scaffolded SEL curriculum that includes a scripted lesson plan, which outlines learning objectives, discussion questions and activity prompts. Use the scripts to discuss the social and emotional learning themes highlighted in the videos.

Complete in-class activities

After the discussion, complete one of the companion activities. A Super D! Show cast member explains the first activity as a companion video, creating a direct peer-to-peer mentoring experience. The easy to implement student activities range from individual to small group projects, putting the social and emotional learning themes from each video into action. Since there are four student activities per lesson, students can watch the video multiple times throughout the year, deepening their understanding of SEL concepts.

What Makes SuperD!ville Unique?

Original Programming

The Super D! Show series was created by filmmaker Peggy Stern. Peggy, who is dyslexic, has worked for over a decade with a team of LD professionals, parents and kids to create an empowering multimedia tool. Super D! Show episodes are PBS-quality and highlight a range of social and emotional learning themes which engage and support all students, especially those with learning differences.

Real Life. Real Kids.

All of the actors in the Super D! Show video series are real kids with learning differences. The series gives agency and voice to kids who are the experts of their own experiences! The characters become role models to help all students embrace their own differences and strengths. Each episode focuses on real-life themes like homework, tests, creativity, procrastination, bullying and executive function that kids face daily at school and at home.


The SuperD!ville team includes developmental psychologists, neuroscientists, drama and art therapists, teachers, parents of LD kids, and LD kids themselves. Our team has spent over a decade researching dyslexia, social and emotional learning, strength-based learning and neurodiversity. SuperD!ville is informed by research to help students better understand how their own brain works, and to help them develop practical and creative strategies.

No Tests. No Homework.

SuperD!ville is intended to supplement academic content. Students aren’t evaluated with tests or homework to gauge an understanding of the concepts brought up in each episode. Instead, they engage with the material through discussion and a wide-range of student activities that have been designed for different types of learners.

What They Say About Us

“Anyone who is serious about intervention in the social and emotional well-being of LD children should be using SuperD!ville.”

Marcus Soutra

Co-Founder and President, Eye to Eye

“Part of the allure of The Super D! Show is that it’s production values seem as professional as any network TV children’s show, with entertaining scripts and polished young actors.”

The Wall Street Journal

“SuperD!ville provides a high-quality social and emotional learning curriculum. This can be very powerful when partnered with proven research-based reading instruction. This combined focus on the whole child can greatly impact students’ lives both academically and beyond the classroom.

Barbara Wilson

Wilson Language Training

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