What do you get when you supercharge Science of Reading concepts with Social Emotional Learning?

Introducing SuperDville:
A Social Emotional Learning Curriculum for kids ages 7 - 13 with Learning Differences.

Our mission is to create and share a curriculum that celebrates the unique minds of the 1 in 5 kids with learning differences as they learn to be confident, empowered citizens of the world.

No matter what literacy instruction method you use or what subject you teach, Social-Emotional Learning skills are vital to your students' academic success.

“SuperDville provides a high-quality social and emotional learning curriculum. This can be very powerful when partnered with proven research-based reading instruction. This combined focus on the whole child can greatly impact students’ lives both academically and beyond the classroom."

Barbara Wilson

President and Co-Founder of Wilson Language Training® (WLT)

Read more of what teachers have to say about SuperDville.

What is SuperDville

Real Life. Real Kids

A video-based SEL curriculum starring real kids with learning differences

Targeted SEL

A differentiated curriculum that can be used in tandem with other SEL Programs


A vital companion in science-based reading instruction that is also aligned with CASEL

Works With All Kids

An inclusive program that can be used in General Education classrooms

Benefits of SuperDville

  • Learned Self-Advocacy
  • Sense of Belonging
  • Increased Confidence
  • Problem-Solving Skill Building
  • Increased Empathy
  • Deeper Understanding of Other’s Experiences
  • Finding Connection Between Themselves and Others
  • Awareness of Strengths and Weaknesses

Free SuperDville Elementary School Lesson!

Includes one episode of the SuperD! Show from our elementary school series, a full scripted lesson, and video prompts from our cast of kids for each activity.

View accompanying curriculum

NEW – Free SuperDville Middle School Lesson!

Includes one episode of W.U.N.D.R. from our NEW 6th grade series, a full scripted lesson, and video prompts from our cast of kids for each activity.

View Accompanying Curriculum

Watch Our Trailer!

Elementary School
Middle School

See how we empower the 1 in 5 students who learn differently. Our research-based videos and curriculum helps kids develop socially, emotionally, and academically.

Our Story

Teachers Are Talking About Us!

We conducted pilots in 17 schools across 10 states and Canada. Over 425 children participated in pilot lessons, and 31 teachers shared their feedback.

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