Announcing the Winners of our first SuperDville Microgrant!

This fall, we invited educators to apply to our “SEL for Students Who Learn Differently Microgrant.” 

As part of our application, we asked teachers to share their school’s need for SuperDville’s differentiated Social Emotional Learning curriculum and their vision for how their student populations would use and benefit from the program.

We received so many insightful responses from applicants that we expanded our winners’ list from five winners to seven!

Here’s what SuperDville CEO Peggy Stern had to say, “The response was incredible. Everyone demonstrated a true need and presented creative ways to support or rethink their approach to social-emotional learning. We received so many thoughtful entries that we couldn’t select just five awards, so we awarded seven full site licenses instead!” 

“This is not optional instruction, SuperDville is a must-have instruction, which targets the one-in-five student with dyslexia or other learning differences.”

Here are just a few of the wonderful answers educators shared in their applications. 

 In the interest of privacy, we’ve elected not to include identifying school information.

On the Need for SuperDville’s Social-Emotional Learning 

“While our school has specific times for social-emotional lessons, there is nothing specifically targeted to students with disabilities. This causes students with learning differences to not always have an avenue or path to talk about their differences and how it affects them day to day. This can directly impact students’ social and emotional wellness in schools.”

“Our students with LD have expressed concern over their belonging, their self-worth and abilities. In addition, we have observed students needing more adult support to assist with self-regulation and problem solving.”

“I have discovered that some traditional techniques may not work. It takes different approaches and techniques to address the needs of these students.”

On How Applicants Would Use SuperDville

“Our vision for the SuperDville SEL curriculum is to strengthen our current efforts to support students’ well-being. We recognize that neurodiverse students benefit from the use of visual and explicit teaching of SEL skills. Our students love videos and we anticipate that this would increase engagement leading to more positive outcomes.”

“My vision for utilizing the SuperDville video-based SEL curriculum is to create a dynamic and inclusive learning environment that fosters social and emotional development throughout our campus, supporting the needs of our student population. The engaging nature of video content can serve as a powerful tool to capture the attention and interest of students, making the SEL curriculum more accessible and relatable. We will also work with families and bring them into these very important conversations.”

“Our students are very visual and respond well to video learning. One of the most important topics to address is empathy and understanding for yourself and others. This fits well into our Tier 1 SEL goals and can also be used with specific students who do not see themselves as a valuable part of the learning community.”

Congratulations to the winners! 

  • The Museum School, Decatur, GA 
  • PS 6K – NYCDOE District 17, Brooklyn, NY 
  • BayWaveland School District, Bay-St. Louis, MS  
  • PS 176 NYCDOE District 20, Brooklyn, NY
  • Joe Shoemaker School, Denver, CO 
  • Celebrate Dyslexia Schools, San Antonio, TX,
  • PS 124M NYCDOE District 2, Manhattan, NY 

Each winner will receive: 

  • An unlimited school-wide license – For use in classrooms across all academic subject areas and grades as determined by the school/district team.
  • Onboarding support and professional development to support successful implementation.
  • Ongoing support – 15 months of complimentary support to ensure maximum engagement and efficacy.

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